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About Doves

There are many species of doves, worldwide.  Our Release Doves are all Columba livia -- the same kind of bird that served as homing pigeons and racing pigeons and commonly known as Rock Doves.  Our display Love Doves are a pure white variety of Ring-neck Doves and are never meant to be released. 

Doves have been domesticated for many centuries.  Their ability of Release Doves to return home from long distances has long baffled ALL scientists. No one quite knows how they find their way home but they think it's possibly linked to the Sun's position and the Earth's magnetic fields at any given time, although memory may also play a role. 

Our display doves or Love Doves are pure white, and they are the doves of the Bible. Doves hold a special place in the hearts of mankind, and their image harkens back to biblical times when Noah released a dove to help him find land.  What better tribute than to include them in your celebration!

Doves mate for life with a lasting bond.  They are loyal, gentle and devoted to each other.  Two babies are usually produced and the parents feed them crop milk. 

Our doves live in a Loft that is specially constructed for their comfort.  They are allowed to fly free several times a week and enjoy being released at events where they will fly straight home to their comfy loft. 



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